This Chart Explains A Lot About Crime In Chicago

From a July 12, 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics release:

Chicago jobs

Employment by industry: Chicago and the U.S.

Where are the jobs for young men without college degrees?

Government jobs across the country, which especially in urban America have long been a source of middle-class stability, have (partly for Tea Party-related reasons) not reappeared as the larger economy continues to bounce back. Construction, a traditional way for young men without much formal education to put food on the table while figuring out what they want to do with the rest of their lives, continues to crater in Chicagoland. The job market for transportation and utility workers, which draws from largely the same pool as the government, is also stagnant.

Chicago businesses are, however, creating plenty of jobs in finance, professional services, education and health care. If this allocation of labor is the new normal, Chicago is going to have plenty of young men enter adulthood without a place for them in its economy. Young men without productive outlets find destructive ones. Hopefully someone finds shale gas near Rockford.